Major Projects

At BIT Mesra, and IIT Delhi

Design and Development of a 6 DOF Gough-Stewart Platform for Virtual Simulators with Pneumatic Actuators

I was Prinicipal Investigator of this project which was funded by SMC Pneumatics (India) Pvt. Ltd. The project was aimed at developing Virtual Simulator on a 6-UPS Stewart Gough Platform using all Pneumatic Actuators with stroke reading sensors (for feedback). The payload capacity of the platform designed was 300Kgs. The entire platform with cockpit, electro-pneumatic controller with gaming interface was designed at BIT Mesra.

Design and Development of a 6-RSS Parallel Platform for Academic and Training Purposes

This project was funded by Nugenix, Pune and was aimed at developing a 6-RSS Parallel robot for academic and training purposes. The entire range of our work towards parallel robot development and various experiments on that may be found at my Youtube playlist. This product is now sold by Nugenix, Pune

Adaptive Force Control of an Industrial Robot (KUKA KR-6) Equipped with Force/Torque Sensor

Worked as a full time Ph. D student and also as a Research Associate in the project sponsored by BRNS, Mumbai, during August, 2010 to April, 2015.
This project at IIT Delhi was aimed at developing methodologies for automated assembly using force-control, like peg-in-tube etc. The entire range of our activities may be found at my Youtube page

Development of CAD Model for Artificial Human Limb, using Reverse Engineering Method

Worked as Junior Research Fellow under the project sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, from 15th June 2005 to 31st October 2007 at BIT Mesra, Ranchi.
The project was aimed at developing prosthetic artificial limbs for below knee amputee. The measurements were taken using non contact scanners such that the limbs were not deformed during measurement. The final artificial limb thus prepared were more comfortable to the wearer.